Art of Bow Tie: Nicholas Tee Ruiz 領結上的時尚創意

本以為男生的領結就只能在布料上面做變化, 沒想到紐約藝術家Nicholas Tee Ruiz 用我們平常生活中幾乎隨手可得的材料做成領結, 不管是吉他的撥片, 或是膠卷底片, 還有軟木塞甚至樂高積木通通被Nicholas 拿來巧手創意一番. 在紐約現代美術館工作之餘, 居住在紐約森林小丘區的他想要為時尚男性們設計ㄧ款既有創意又能吸引別人注目的配件. 他的作品也在被放在現代美術館展示, 現在他想要把作品生產讓更多人擁有, 每個領結都是手工製作,如果想要擁用這些富有創意和帶點時尚藝術的領結, 可以密切注意Nicholas Tee Ruiz 的網站!
A creative bow tie hand made from fun, fashion and found material in Forest Hill. Nicholas Tee Ruiz would like to bring the everyday objectives to his artworks, he has blossomed into forwarding thinking and initiative to repurpose everyday material into works of wearable arts. He kept challenging himself to bring his art to folks. The series of artworks were inspired by his colleagues, artist research, technical studies. Now he is working on the collection and start-up the shop. Who wants to wear the bow tie? 

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